Dormancy ended in November and revived as a private limited company. MConsultingAsia Sdn Bhd was officially incorporated in December 2020.

M Consulting Asia was dormant from February 2018 to September 2020 due a change in structure and scope of work.

Won Gold and Bronze awards for Best Engagement Strategy and Best Use of Brand Advocacy at the Asia Pacific Loyalty & Engagement Awards in Singapore. Won Bronze awards for Excellence in Marketing at the Marketing Excellence Awards Malaysia.

M Consulting Asia was founded in 2015 as a sole proprietorship.

Welcome to M Consulting Asia, the branding, marketing and customer experience consultancy and your strategic marketing outsourcing partner based in Malaysia, servicing individuals, professionals, small-businesses and corporate clients, Asia-wide. Founded in 2015 by Mawarni Adam, a seasoned brand builder and a well-versed corporate marketer, M Consulting Asia has evolved from a narrowly defined brand consultancy to a more robust suite of offerings - rapidly becoming synonymous with brand, marketing and CX transformations, and change management. 

Our Vision

Create opportunities for everyone to standout as a brand, through customer-centricity and purpose-led storytelling and story-doing.

Our Mission

To make everyone more marketable, productive and successful.




1. Are you a consultancy or an agency?

We are a consultancy specialising in branding, marketing and customer experience. We are also your partner in customer growth by providing strategic outsourcing services. 

2. What is the difference between an agency and a consultancy?

A consultancy works on the strategic level and continues to oversee or commoditise the execution of that strategic plan through the appointment of an agency, that will then work at implementing or executing the approved plan.

The difference in purpose:

The purpose of a consultancy firm is to deliver guidance and expertise to clients and help them make informed decisions. A consultancy works with CEOs and business owners or managers to create strategies and help them implement those strategies. The purpose of an agency is to then produce the project and implement it once approved. In short, the consultant is an effective strategic "conduit" between the client and an agency.

The difference in scope:

A consultancy is usually a group of professional experts from the same discipline working under the same roof. All the professionals within a consultancy firm deliver advisory services to clients about a particular field and in our case branding, marketing and customer experience. An agency on the other hand, is a group of different individuals of multi-disciplinary to handle various tasks required to finish a project.

3. Which is better - a consultancy or an agency?

The continuously changing marketing world and complex business landscapes today will require the services of both a consultancy, and an agency. A consultancy helps businesses at a strategic level and deliver special expert services. As consultants, we bring together a team of talented and expert field individuals and put them together to resolve our client's business issues, and can help drive our clients to meet business goals and grow in the future. An agency is a service provider that makes business tasks easier and simpler thus creating a convenient and cost-effective space for businesses to meet their marketing needs. In short, both a consultancy and an agency work side-by-side today due to the dynamic needs of different businesses. It comes down to what the clients wants and how a consultancy or an agency or both can serve them.

4. How does M Consulting Asia works?

We prefer to keep things simple and straightforward. We begin with an initial consultation to get to know you better, learn about each other and we try to get a deeper understanding of your situation and challenges. If there is a mutual interest, we will then move to the next stage where we will scope out the project and assign team members. Once the standard paperwork has been executed, we can get started.

5. How do you charge for your services?

No two clients are the same, therefore, no two scope of services are the same. We charge based on a custom plan, crafted and curated specifically for each client. From there we would determine the complexity of the project, duration to completion and the size or seniority of the team members required to get the project or task done successfully, to be able to determine the appropriate charges.

5. Which industry do you offer your consulting services in?

We are interested in helping as many industries as possible, as the branding, marketing and customer experience are dynamic disciplines that can be applied effectively regardless of industry. At this juncture, we are more focused on financial services, fintech, insurtech, retail, education, on-demand service providers and start-ups, but we are always on the look out at expanding our portfolio across other industries.

6. Do you only work with agencies that you like?

We strive to be fair and impartial in our selection of agency partners, that is why we take great pride and care in compiling a robust database of agency partners. We conduct an internal assessment across established and smaller agencies to determine the best match of capabilities for our clients. Agencies that have maintained a consistently good track record with high level of professionalism will stand a higher chance of being considered for the project - that is quite normal and to be expected.

To know more about our products and services, please email us at hello@mconsulting.asia.


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