Client-Agency Matching

In delivering the best holistic service experience for our clients, we strategically collaborate with selected business partners to craft, curate and execute the creative and innovative solutions. Our business partners or collaborators can include creative, media, public relations, production houses, events and research agencies, as well as technology developers/providers in the industry. Their capabilities are reviewed and carefully vetted by our internal team on an on-going basis, to ensure all the information are up to date in order to match with the changing needs of our clients. 

Selective/Closed Tendering

To support our CMO-In-Residence (CIR) service and/or upon request by our clients, the selected agencies derived from our vetting or filtering system are also used or presented to clients as recommendations or suggestions or short-list, in order to facilitate client's own internal tender or pitch processes - usually called "Closed or Selective Tendering". Closed or selective tendering only allows agencies or suppliers to submit tenders by invitation. A pre-selected list of possible agencies is prepared that are known by their track record based on the suitability, size, nature and complexity required for the contract. At M Consulting Asia, we maintain a 'recommended' list of prospective agencies or suppliers and then regularly review performance to asses whether they should remain on the list. By using this method, we aim to give clients greater confidence that their requirements will be satisfied and reduce wasted efforts which can come from open tendering or non-selective tendering. 

Return-on-Agency (ROA)

With the emphasis on branding, marketing and most recently CX's return on investment (ROI), we at M Consulting Asia aim to help our clients manage the risk of the investment and maximise the benefit from the collaboration, through a well-built and tested ROA strategy. Like any other investments, the investments with agencies or suppliers need to be managed, to be truly effective. We believe, the more our clients invest in setting up collaboration relationships for success, the better the returns are on efforts and investments.

Governance and Best Practice

Guided by our client's best interest as the governing influence of engaging our business partners or collaborators' services, we will strive to select reliable and quality agencies by ensuring that all our business partners involved have the necessary skills and expertise to be able to work cohesively will all parties involved, and ultimately deliver quality services with high professionalism to ensure trust, brand stability and sustainability are achievable over time.

Agencies and Suppliers Database

We strive to maintain a robust database of agencies and suppliers based on the country/countries we operate in. To ensure you are included in our business partner/ agency/ supplier directory, please email: hello@mconsulting.asia.

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