A New Adventure With Tune Hotels Group

January 14, 2016


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"Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough."

- Mark Zuckerberg 



A new adventure begins! I am back with Tune to lead and oversee the Brand and Marketing initiatives for Tune Hotels Group. I'm super stoked as it is an exciting time for the business. To quote Mark Zuckerberg, I am ready to "break stuff", rebuild, move forward and upward with the team!


In 2014, however, Facebook changed its mantra to "Move Fast With Stable Infra" - not as catchy as the original one but Zuckerberg acknowledged that having the right system in place which provides a better experience for users are crucial. He emphasized in getting it right first, before rolling it out, so less time will be spent on "fixing the bugs".


My take on the mantras of Facebook? A hybrid of old and new:

(Still) Move fast and (still) break things but build better with stable infra.


Introducing **drumroll** #TeamTuneHotels!! A new year and a new beginning indeed. #InItToWinIt


"The Tune Hotels Group is a unique, value-driven hotel brand that provides accommodation with high quality essentials in key gateway cities, globally. Since the opening of its first hotel in 2007, Tune Hotels has welcomed more than 7 Million guests in its hotels in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, India and the UK. Tune Hotels is part of the Tune Group of Companies that includes Tune Air (a substantial shareholder of AirAsia), Tune Money, Tune Protect, Tune Talk, Tune Studios, Tune Labs, the AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme, Caterham Group, Queens Park Rangers Football Club (QPR) and the Epsom College in Malaysia." - Taken from Tune Hotels Group, latest press release.



Coming in to a new environment with an existing workforce, I think most people can identify with me, that it takes patience, an enhanced intuition, an open mind and a huge dose of enthusiasm. So, the following, are the 3 things I did and will continue to do, especially with my immediate teams. For those who are stepping into a leadership position with a new or an inherited team, I hope it will be useful for you too...  


1. An AMA, i.e. Ask Me Anything

Pretty much self explanatory here. A 2-way, genuine and honest conversation, with key team members and colleagues, to break the ice and get to know each other. It sets the foundation to build trust, which will contribute towards a healthy working relationship. It also indicates that you've got nothing to hide; you are here to help make things better or easier, in order to achieve the common goals.


2. Expectation setting

Find the time to get the team aligned on goals and deliverables, their responsibilities and accountabillities. This step may need to be repeated a few times until everyone has been fully adjusted to the new rhythm and expectations. Convey your working styles to your team, share the pain points, the pet peeves and ultimately how reward and recognitions will be accorded. 


3. Be a sponge and a stone

This is something that I have been doing (to a large extent), but sometimes with a new adventure, such as this one, it's pretty much being a sponge and a stone "on steroids", figuratively speaking. Yes, it means taking it up a few notches.

Be a sponge: Ask questions, listen and learn. Soak up information and everything possible. 

Be a stone: Be fearless and believe the impossible is possible. Be tough-minded and believe in the pursuit, regardless of the challenges, hurdles and naysayers, you might encounter.



So, before I pen off...

Yes, I have joined this fantastic group of people but it does not mean I will stop telling stories. I will continue to blog, bringing mostly insights, tips and experiences from my time here with the group, so stay tuned!






Reference source: forbes.com





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