Patrick Grove, Group CEO of Catcha Group

"Mawarni is a total rockstar; we gave her such a demanding and complicated timetable but she nailed it and made everything a breeze! Can't wait to work with her again! And the final product was totally beyond my expectations!"



Lee Ching Wei, Co-Founder of iMoney Group

"It has been a great pleasure working with Mawarni. My overall experience has been very pleasant. I'm impressed particularly by the way she has managed the Wardrobe project; how she ensured things were executed timely and according to plan/schedule, without any compromise in quality (it can't be easy with 5 extremely busy entrepreneurs!). I'm also pleased with the outcome of the video, which tells me, she is very much a perfectionist and wouldn't let a poor quality outcome come to light. I would definitely recommend Mawarni to anyone who's looking for someone very competent and reliable to run/lead a similar project."



Azran Osman-Rani, CEO, Business Builder and Investor

"Mawarni led a recent marketing campaign that I was a part of. She combines high-level conceptual creativity with the execution discipline and follow-through that's needed to bring great marketing ideas to life - on time, and on budget. I would recommend working with her if you want that personal senior-level handling and attention to detail."


Joel Neoh, Founder of Fave

"Dedication, creativity and an uncanny ability to connect ideas and people...from brainstorming to executing the branding campaign for Wardrobe; I can't be happier with the entire process and the successful outcome."



Rafiza Ghazali, Group Chief Executive Officer at Cradle Fund 

"We engaged M Consulting Asia to advise us on the branding and marketing strategy for a consumer engagement platform pilot project that was launched in January 2017. Mawarni was instrumental in giving the project the zest that was needed, given the target audience of the platform. She handled all communication and deliverables of the engagement with high professionalism. It was a pleasure having her on the team, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a creative solution for a similar engagement."

Al-Ishsal Ishak, Former Chairman of MCMC

"Mawarni and Marketing are as synonymous as the "M" that precedes them. I had the privilege to collaborate with Mawarni on a variety of high impact brand building and customer acquisition initiatives while she was Head of Marketing at Tune Ins Holdings Bhd. Mawarni's flair to be on the pulse of consumer behaviour matched AirAsia's aggressive conversion targets. Flowing with fresh ideas and energy are two apt descriptions of her work ethos, as is integrity. Thus the results that followed was no coincidence."


David May, CEO of Bountify Australia

"Mawarni reported directly to me as Head of Marketing at AirAsia BIG where she oversaw not just the regional marketing portfolio but also a strategic partnership role with key clients. She is a hard working and committed marketer who would not hesitate to go the extra mile to get things done and hustle her way through to find solutions. If you want someone to take your marketing strategy to the next level, she will be the right person for it."


Tim Johnson, SVP of Marketing, Product & Partnership at INTI Education Group

"I have watched Mawarni grow into a consummate marketer over the last 10 years that I have known her. Her varied experience coupled with her zeal to succeed has enabled her to be a very successful marketer in every single role that she has taken on. Her ability to cull meaningful insights and turn them into tangible benefits for brands under her care has propelled her as a rising star in the Marketing fraternity."


Jonathan Seevaratnam, Founder and CEO of Jiggee Sdn Bhd

"I have known Mawarni now for over a decade and have watched her strive for perfection in everything she puts her hand to. Very detail oriented and a real taskmaster as well. Nothing gets past her eye. She has a strong drive to see the end goal achieved and takes no shortcuts in getting there."



David Lusteaux, Chief Executive Officer

"Mawarni is synonymous with tenacity and gumption. It is her relentless drive to bring people together and to achieve an integrated common goal at the heart of customer experience, is what makes her a force to be reckoned with. Highly ambitious, perceptive and adaptable, Mawarni believes and fights for her ideas but yet is acutely attuned to her surroundings and are able to adjust and pivot as requires. I have worked with Mawarni on some projects during her time as Head of Marketing at Tune Insurance and have watched her orchestrate a mammoth group-wide initiative with grace and finesse. Her humble, charismatic and diplomatic approach makes it easy for anyone to work with her. A believer in shared achievements, Mawarni inspires loyalty and brings along those she works with on a great adventure."




Rob Nolan, Chief Marketing Officer

"I had the pleasure of recruiting and working with Mawarni at iflix and without hesitation i would recommend her as a great leader and marketer. Hugely enthusiastic, and passionate about putting the customer at the heart of everything, Mawarni can carefully craft exceptional work by balancing both big idea generation with great execution. Mawarni’s calm, sincere and authentic approach inspires loyalty with those she works with."

Amol Naresh, Consultant

"Mawarni has built the brand "AirAsia BIG Loyalty Programme" from inception to a level where her communication has touched million of hearts across the world with the great customer digital experience online as well as offline. It was wonderful witnessing her streamlining the team's roles, responsibilities, communication and activities. She is highly personable and possess leadership qualities evident from the fact that she led her entire marketing team to win the Best Loyalty Programme of this year and a Marketing award for the prestigious "BIG Travel Wish" campaign."

Loke Weng Leong, Founder of LOKi and Co-Founder of Hostel Hunting

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mawarni on more than one award-winning campaigns. She has been a taskmaster of a client, an amazing partner, and a good friend. She is a professional with a complete skillset from strategy and ideation to execution and operations. Her drive and determination is second to none and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves. Mawarni redefines the phrase 'getting it done'." 

Tate Ghazi, Film Director, Photographer and Creative Consultant

"Mawarni leads with efficiency and dedication, always striving for perfection with her in-depth knowledge of marketing regardless of industry. Great results come from great partnerships, so when collaborating with Mawarni, I know we're in for an exciting ride and an awesome production!"

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